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About Us

Purefinity is a nutritional supplement company committed to helping people throughout their journey towards achieving optimal health, wellness, & longevity. Our mission is to create premium quality supplements using safe, naturally sourced, proven ingredients combined with the best methods available in nature and science.

Product Development

Our customers are at the center of everything we create, and the product design process always begins with putting first what they really want and need most. A lot goes into creating an outstanding product, and when we design something new, we’re always looking to set a new standard. We take pride in bringing you the same exceptional quality products that we'd want for ourselves and our families. Because if it doesn’t meet our own rigorous standards, it definitely won’t make the cut for our customers. We invest a great deal of time to ensure our products meet and exceed every criteria you’re searching for: pure, clinically proven, third-party tested, non-GMO, free of stearates and fillers, GMP certified; the menu goes on. Our customers trust us with their most important asset: their health. And we don’t take that lightly. Sure, this meticulous approach to creating exceptional products is a lengthy and painstaking effort.

Aside from the cost, it requires a whole lot of extra time, thought, energy, and commitment. But with our customers interests and health at the heart of our business, the decision is an easy one for us to make. Hearing about the real impact our products have made on the lives of our customers, and reading their radiant reviews is the greatest reward and encouragement that we can get.

Product Quality

We don't mess around when it comes to the quality of our products. In an industry flooded with low grade products, misleading labeling, and inadequate standards, we’ve set out to be the diamond in the rough. We hold our production partners to extremely high standards, and know how important it is to ensure that they share our obsessive vision for uncompromised quality and purity.

But simply putting our trust in them isn’t enough. We relentlessly test throughout every stage of the production process and have third-party testers analyze each batch after production. Third party testing is not required by the FDA - but we think it’s important. And it doesn’t stop there - Ongoing testing and frequent site visits ensure that our suppliers continue to exceed expectations, and that we’re taking care of the people that matter most: our customers.

It’s this kind of accountability and diligence that has earned Purefinity the trust of thousands who keep coming back. We believe that you should know about everything that goes into your body. After all, you’re taking nutritional supplements to better your health, so staying informed about every component that goes into your products is critical. Sadly, most health products on the market are accompanied by inadequate bits of information about their ingredients, quality and safety. And that’s where we do things differently. Clearly listing the source of everything that’s inside the bottle (including the capsules), empowers our customers with the information they deserve to make informed decisions. You should feel confident when choosing a product, and that’s why we continue to put transparency first.  

Our Promise

Nutrition should be about more than just supplements; it should be about knowing you’re buying from a company that cares about and values their customers satisfaction after they place an order.

Our primary concern is in our customer’s overall satisfaction, and our expert and caring customer service team has undergone extensive training on each of the products we offer, and are committed to helping you with any questions or concerns you may have.  Our Guarantee ensures customers complete satisfaction with their experience.  

Whether it’s  questions, ideas, inspiration, or concerns - our customer support staff is always here to help.  Feel free to reach us by sending a message through our contact form, or by emailing - we'll get back to you as soon as we can (usually within a couple hours).